Art of Eating

It’s Grilling Season! (Part 1) (Ep. 21)

June 25, 2019
Art of Eating
It’s Grilling Season! (Part 1) (Ep. 21)
Art of Eating
It’s Grilling Season! (Part 1) (Ep. 21)
Jun 25, 2019
Dr. Vincent Esposito & Dr. Kali Olsen
Show Notes

Summer is here!  On this episode, to kick off the start of the season, Dr. Vincent Esposito and Dr. Kali Olsen are talking about how to be health conscious when you are cooking this summer!  Today, we are cover which cooking techniques are best, and ask the question, “how can you counter those carcinogens that develop while grilling?” We also talk about Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines (what?!), how they develop during the cooking process, and what cooking temperatures affect our foods the most!

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